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Dr. Norton helps therapist-clients develop trauma-based practices.  Consultation comprises topics ranging from ensuring that a practitioner has the right training and feels competent to address traumatic stress to circumscribing one’s practice so as not to be over-stretched or run the risk of compassion fatigue.  Other areas frequently addressed in consultation include building relationships with referral sources so that referrals are a good match for services offered,  counter-transference, self-care, creating and modifying treatment plans, and deciding on when and how to refer clients to other practitioners. Therapists also can discuss with Dr. Norton cases that are particularly complicated or that require extra attention. Individuals with complex or developmental trauma often have myriad problems that reach far beyond memories, thoughts and emotions. Many struggle with a combination of physical, relational, social, employment, and financial challenges that require a team of dedicated professionals who can collaborate to effect the best clinical outcomes for each individual. Dr. Norton helps therapist-clients cultivate the best resources to best serve their clients.

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